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Air and Water Dispatch

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China and Southeast Asia, Air, Water Dispatch
     (Pikeophu within 1-2 days delivery offers hope to the brink of their destination.
   Qingdao, China, to Yantai, Dalian, Shanghai, 1000 shares (jingang) daily progress
    Courier Services International Air and Maritime Air and Water through the customer's
   From documents in various materials, ranging from rapid clearance and wonbu
   Requiring cargo ships to China and Vietnam through the jisamang
   The processing of customs clearance and pickup to a system that ships directly to the goal by
   The following are two kinds of services.
▶ document and parcel express delivery service
   Various documents and packages quickly and relatively light volume of the item
   When you want to send you can use the service usually within 1-2 days
▶ won, materials, samples, Courier Services
   The production of urgently needed materials wonbu relatively quickly and safely to base
   Typically, the room can send the customs and the free use Door to Door
   Default is to apply.